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Morquito Ranch Aromatherapy

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  Welcome to Morquito Ranch Aromatherapy, let us introduce to the wonderful world of Essential oils and our many handcrafted products for both Retail and Wholesale clients. 

  We have a strong belief in keeping our products as natural as possible.  With that in mind, we use minimal or no preservatives or artificially derived ingredients in our creams and lotions etc.  These products are meant to be used within a short time frame and not sit on the shelf for months at a time.   

  This also ensures that you our customer are getting the freshest product possible.

Under Construction:

Call Holly @ 780-384-3563

for info & appointments.



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Soaps On the Curing Rack:

Ready to Go Feb 5th 2005

Egyptian Musk ~ Unisex (men's)
Mud Bars:  
 French Green Clay ~ Essential oils of: 
 Lavender, Rosewood, Patchouli, Rose geranium
Soaps Ready to Go: 
   "Sale"        "Sale"       "Sale"
Bars Range From 3-4 oz  ~ All prices in Canadian funds
Irish Green Tweed ~ Unisex (men's) $1.75 each
Spicy Chi ~ Unisex (men's) $1.75 each
Icy Blast ~ Unisex (men's) "Best Seller" $1.75 each

For Orders & Questions, You can e-mail us at:

Morquito Ranch *Sedgewick,  Alberta * Canada